Monday, September 15, 2008

I Am Slowly Returning To Normal... Whatever That Is!

Hey Y'all!

This is going to be a quick post... The Closer season finale is on! I haven't been the best watcher of this season... since I have been going to bed so early.. but I have them all DVR'ed and ready to tune in on a sleepless night!

Both of my Dr's appointments went well today. I am slowly healing and it looks like the Sweet's Syndrome has abated for now. I still have a few weeks left on the evil drug... but knowing there is an end in sight might make things better. I have started to take some Lasix to help with all of the swelling that the evil drug is giving me. My joints are really bothered by all of the extra water. So every few days, I take a Lasix and my joints feel better for a while. It is mainly my back, knees and wrists that suffer the most. YUCK!

I really enjoyed my day in Charleston today.. it was nice to have a Monday free! I had to take Mom's car for the trip. Poor Ceasar the CR-V... his air conditioning stopped working about 2 weeks ago. As in no air. As in no blowing air. As in NADA! As in me on steroids, dying of a heatstroke and NO AIR IN MY CAR!!! IN THE SUTHERN' HEAT!!! So, knowing it was going to be bad and expensive, and me being VERY POOR at the moment, I kind of put off taking Ceasar in to the shop! On Saturday, I needed an oil change and my 80,000 mile tune up, so I bit the bullet and asked them to look at the air. I had already been on the internet and heard/read that sometimes the air compressor just blows up in the CR-V after about 60,000 miles. So I said a Hail Mary.. and went forth. Praying that the result would not be the $2,000 one! It turns out the mechanic had seen the same problem in a CR-V the week before and he knew exactly what to do! So all in all... I had to have a part ordered and I am going to have it replaced tomorrow after-school. Then, it will be igloo time!

Speaking of igloos.... in my room right now, my ceiling fan is going on high, the air is on 72 and I have my monster standing fan blowing on my side of the bed. Zoe is in heaven! Zorro is burried under blankets on the sofa! I will be very happy when I am not hot all the time! I think Zorro will be too!

Later gators!
:) JKP

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