Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Will Be a Better Blogger. I Will Be a Better Blogger. I Will Be a Better Blogger.

Hey Y'all!

Shock. Gasp. Shriek if you have to. Yes, I have a mother of a post to update the ol' blog today! Yes, you have heard it before dear readers, I have been busy. In fact, I can't believe that it is the 15th of April already. However, I am more than ready for the next 35 days of school to fly by!

So let's get to the update!

Last time I left off, I had acquired a roomie, was thinking hard about opening and Etsy shop and was in great denial about going back to school after spring break.

So here's where we are today. Love the roomie. Pitty Pat is in love with Kate. He's a different dog around her. He is no longer playing hard to get. The boy has it bad!

My Etsy plan is coming along. Still knitting up inventory, but this week I have had to take a break. I have to knit some gifts for some baby showers that we have coming up at school in the next few weeks. But, here's a sample of what I am working on for the shop. Check out this precious bear hat. It. Is. So. Cute. I had to restrain myself from putting it on Pitty Pat. Yes, that would not be wise!
This past weekend the Fam pulled off the surprise party of all surprise parties. My Aunt Gwen turned 60 this past Sunday. My cousin Jordan had ALL of us over to her house in Charleston for the big "surprise." Aunt Gwen was REALLY surprised. I can't believe we pulled it off. I just knew that someone (ok, me) was going to spill the beans on facebook! Here's a pic from the event. Aunt Gwen, Mom and Me (justjuliaknits).

Also, I have other news! My mom is moving to Beaufort! She has accepted a job at the Naval Hospital and starts there on May 10th! Mom's house is for sale (so if you need a house, let me know!) We are all excited for her. I hope that Miss Zoe will adjust to the move!

The last piece of news is that my district has decided not to offer summer school this summer due to budget cuts. So now I find myself suddenly with a wide open summer. I am not sure what I am going to do yet, but you know me. I have to have a plan or I will go crazy by the time we have been out of school for two weeks! So because of this recent development, I am sure that I will open my ETSY store, but now I can wait and devote myself to it over the summer.

Let me run, FlashForward is on and I am already confused!

Later Gators! :) JKP

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