Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Hey Y'all,

Well as I write this, we are wrapping up our spring break here in Myrtle Beach. Luckily, it has warmed up.. into the 80's! So I have spent the last few days on the beach soaking up as much vitamin D as possible!

This spring break started out with a bang... I got a roommate! Well, roommate is really not the right word. I have known Kate since she was itty bitty and she needed somewhere to stay that was safe until she finishes up college in July. Since I never use my upstairs and thinking of the furlough days that I have coming my way next year... it seems like a great fit for the both of us! I spent all day last Saturday cleaning out my monstrous closet upstairs and I ended up taking 6 bags of clothes to Goodwill. So with spring cleaning out of the way, I was free to enjoy the rest of my week!

I really just took it easy and did ALOT of reading and NO knitting. Can you believe it? I also had some time to meet some good friends for lunch and dinner AND I finally got my hair cut and colored.. which I desperately needed to do! This school year has really worn me out and I really just needed to rest. Also, I have really been fighting a bad depression this spring (due to school) and I just needed some time off of the grid! I think these past few days at the beach have done wonders for me and I am starting to come out of the fog. Pitty Pat has enjoyed having me at home. We still have Monday off, so I don't go back to school until Tuesday. From then on we only have about 43 days left in the year. Whew! I hope that it goes by fast!

I am still thinking about opening my store on Etsy. I had really hoped to build up my inventory while I was off, but I needed to rest instead. I still think it is going to happen, but probably later than sooner.

Well, I am off to walk Mr. Pitty Pat so he can enjoy this nice weather too!
:) JKP

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