Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life on a Tilt-A-Whirl... Ain't it Fun?


Well, I hope from my title y'all can understand where I have been. I am still on the wrong side of dizzy, but I am improving a little bit each day. This past Monday I checked in with my regular doc.. who was a wee bit concerned and thought that it might be a great idea if I checked in with an ENT. Well. Long story short, he thinks it is a good idea if I get an MRI so we can see what is happening in my head. Whatever it is, no one thinks this is sinus related. So all of this time, for MONTHS I keep thinking I have a sinus infection due to head pressure and dizziness and, nope that's not what is causing this. So we shall see. The ENT has a theory, but I don't want to share it on the blog just yet. I have family members who read this, and I don't want to freak people out if I don't have to. So we shall see!

During all of this vertigo craziness, roommate Kate moved out, so Pitty Pat and I are back to just the two of us. However, I do have company coming to visit for the next few weeks so that will be fun. I just hope I can be vertical for most of it! Also, one of my best childhood friends is moving into my neighborhood this weekend and I am so excited about that! So lots of fun stuff going on, I just need for my head to get with the program!

Due to the vertigo, I have been unable to read or knit. Trust me, sitting here and typing this is a big accomplishment! However, I do have big knitting plans for when I am well!! I've had to put off opening my etsy store, due to the not knitting and then driving is a day to day thing. Today I was able to drive, but who knows about tomorrow. I have to go back to work on August 10th, so I really need to be back to 100 percent by then!

Alrighty, I am off to channel surf. If there was a PHD program in channel surfing, I would have obtained one this summer!
:) JKP

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