Thursday, July 29, 2010

From the Land Where the Free Sweet Tea Flows...

Hey Y'all!!!

Just in case you missed it... today was free tea day at McAlister's Deli. I stopped by there this afternoon to pick up my free treat along with a sandwhich for supper. Which, was probably their plan all along!!! :)

Pitty Pat and I had a very busy morning. Paddington had his 1 year checkup at the vet this morning. I was very nervous, but Pitty Pat passed with flying colors. He is healthy from snout to tail! My vet recommended cutting back on his food a bit (whoops!) and adding a teaspoon of plain yogurt to his food twice a day. They say that yogurt helps the immune system and fights off all kinds of bad stuff later on. So. Guess what Pitty Pat is getting on his food starting tomorrow?? He received all of his shots today and was finally old enough to get a 3 year rabies shot. Pitty Pat was a champ and didn't bite any one once! He is zonked out on the bed right now recovering from our day out.

Tomorrow I check in with the ENT to see what or if anything the MRI showed that I had done last week. I am expecting nothing out of the ordinary. I did have a dizzy day yesterday and the medicine, even after adjusting it, is still making me very tired. So, I hope he at least has an idea of where to go from here. My appointment isn't until tomorrow afternoon, so I will post after that.

I am really looking forward to this weekend! My best friend Marie and her husband Johnny are coming to the beach for a few days. I can't wait to see them! It is hard to believe that this summer is almost over!

Alrighty, I am one tired chica. I am going to climb in the bed with Pitty Pat and get ready to watch Royal Pains.
:) JKP

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