Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Ice Cream Diaries... Part 1

Hey Y'all!

Well, I really wanted to get this posted earlier... but I couldn't take my messy, dusty house one more minute! After I came home from the beach this afternoon, I did laundry, cleaned baseboards and blinds, cleaned bathrooms and did some organizing. I feel so much better! Now I am free to craft tomorrow and not feel guilty about the state of my house! Sometimes you just have to take a moment and CLEAN!

One of the things that I have really enjoyed making this summer is ice cream! This is pretty unusual, because I am not a big ice cream eater. Out of all of the desserts I am least likely to pick ice cream. But when this stuff with my esophagus and tummy started, ice cream was the one thing that I could eat that made my chest and tummy stop hurting. So for now, ice cream and I are buddies!

A few Christmases ago, Mom gave me a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. I was excited when I received it, because besides ice cream you can make sorbet. Somehow or another, I just never got around to using it until this summer. Of course, me being me, I did all kinds of ice cream recipe research. When I went to make my first batch, I was really craving strawberries. Which is weird. I was very allergic to strawberries when I was little, but now I seem to be able to eat them just fine. So I found a great recipe on You Tube of all places! The bonus was that my exact ice cream maker was used in the video, so I didn't have to hunt for my elusive user's manual!

To make this ice cream you will need:
An electric ice cream maker with a freezer bowl (You want to make sure the freezer bowl has been pre-frozen for 8 to 12 hours)
2 cups of heavy cream
A teaspoon of vanilla extract
2 cups of fresh fruit mashed OR 16 to 19 oz of frozen sliced strawberries- thawed (I went with the frozen version because that is what they used in the original recipe)

Start by placing 2 cups of heavy cream in a bowl or large measuring cup. Add thawed or mashed strawberries. Here' s a quick tip... if you use the thawed sliced strawberries, go ahead and mash them a bit. That way large pieces won't get stuck in the ice cream paddle. Stir and then add 1 tsp of vanilla.

Turn on your ice cream maker and then slowly pour in the strawberry mixture.

Now let the machine do all of the work. Unload the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry. Go watch The Weather Channel. In about 25 minutes go back and check on the cream. It will be done!

Getting creamy!

When the ice cream is finished, fix yourself a bowl. It is soft serve at this point. You may prefer to put it in an air tight container for a few hours and then eat.

This ice cream is VERY creamy and yummy, but not overly sweet. If you like sweet strawberry ice cream, then I would add about a half a cup to a cup of sugar when you are mixing the cream and strawberries before you place it in the ice cream maker. I have another recipe that I am going to share tomorrow that has become my go to base for ice cream. And of course, if you like this... you can add other fruit too! I am sure y'all are just shocked that I didn't make this with blueberries! :)

Overall, this was a great first try with ice cream in my ice cream maker. Tomorrow... I will post my favorite recipe so far... Mint Chocolate Chip!!!!

:) JKP

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