Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer is Slipping Away...

Hey Y'all!

Well, I made it through my workshop last week! It was so productive and wonderful. I got so many activities completed that I am ready for my first two units of reading in September. The only down side to the whole workshop was an announcement. Our school board altered our calendar and now we have to be back at work August 11th. Which is three workdays earlier than planned. It's ok. In my school district we go back 3 days early for staff development. We get paid for these extra three days. So it's not so bad. I am just not ready to give up my summer yet! Especially since I haven't been feeling the best these past few weeks. I am excited to meet my new children, but I am so not ready for all of the work DRAMA and stress. Where are my ruby slippers when I need them!

My GERD/Crohn's has calmed down a bit. It took about 4 days for my insurance company to agree to pay for the double dosage of Nexium to help with my painful reflux and swallowing. I have been double dosing for about a 4 days now and I can sleep at night. I still can't eat very large meals and my upper tummy feels bloated all of the time, but I am doing better. Next Monday, Aug. 1, I am having a colonoscopy. Which means this time NEXT Sunday will not be fun for me. I get to go pick up my wonderful colonoscopy prep in the morning after I tutor. The colonoscopy is just routine. It has been 3 years since my last one and my GI doc thinks it is time he takes a look. WHATEVER. As long as he gives me the magic medicine and I sleep through the whole thing! And, also hide my debit card. I likey the shopy when I am on pain meds! :)

I don't know about y'all, but it has been TERRIBLY hot here. It is too hot to cook. Not that I want to, I really can't eat anything! It is to hot to pick up the needles and knit. It's too hot to go to the beach. Poor Pitty Pat is only getting 2 walks a day and I have to get up extra early to get the first one in before we cook on the sidewalk. So we have been hanging out, watching movies, going to movies and reading. I may have been making ice cream in my ice cream maker. Also, there has been some crafting of the sewing type! I will post pics tomorrow. My camera officially died. So I am going to have to see if I can resurrect my old camera to take some pics of what I have been sewing and making in the ice cream maker. I have amazed myself!

Today I went and checked out Captain America. It was very good and reminded me of the early Indiana Jones movies. I also checked out the last Harry Potter movie a few days ago. It was very good, if somewhat dark. I *might* have even cried at the end, even though I knew how it ended!

Well let me run, it has stopped raining! Pitty Pat wants a walk and since it has calmed down to a balmy 73 degrees, I think we have to seize this opportunity!

:) JKP

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