Monday, July 25, 2011

So, Sew Busy!!

Hey Y'all!

Well. It is HOT. Since it is too hot to go to the beach, too hot to cook, and too hot to knit, I have had to find other ways to entertain myself! Many of you may not know this, but about 7 years ago, Mom and I had a business sewing purses. We went to several craft fairs, had trunk shows, and took lots of orders. During that time I also took a sewing class to really learn the basics. Mom and I kind of let the business go when I took a job in the Healthcare IT field. But, we both still sewed on and off. We also have a huge stash of fabric. I haven't really sewed in about 5 years. Over the fourth of July weekend, I decided to crank up my sewing machine.  My first few projects were rusty, but I was amazed that I remembered how to thread my machine and sew all kinds of stuff! This week, I got brave and picked up a couple of 99 cent patterns at the Evil Empire. Unfortunately, we don't have a store in Myrtle Beach that sells fabric for sewing garments. I have to drive to Florence or Charleston to visit a Hancock Fabrics and the nearest Joann's is in Wilmington. Uggh! So. I have to settle for the Evil Empire at the moment. Anyhoo, armed with my patterns and a fabric stash at home, I decided that aprons were just the ticket to get my feet back into sewing!

My first apron pattern I actually found on clearance. It was printed on fabric and all you had to do was cut out the pieces and sew them together. This took me about 3 hours. Not that it should have! I just really took my time. I also just LOVE the cupcake theme! And, let me apologize for the quality of the pics. I had to take them with my Blackberry. The camera battery is still dead.

Can you spot the Pitty Pat?

Next up on the sewing palooza was a challenge for me. It looked easy on the package! Famous last words! I had to put in pleats and add bric brack. Two things that I have never done before. Also, you had to add an under skirt to this with a contrasting fabric. This turned out alot better than I thought it would. The pockets are a little wonky... but my feeling is.. if it resembles the picture on the pattern package, then it was a job well done! I plan on making another one of these tomorrow now that I know how the pattern works. WARNING: OBJECTS IN MIRROR APPEAR LARGER THAN THEY REALLY ARE! I swear this apron adds about 15 pounds in the picture!

My last apron is my favorite. The pattern was a dream and from cutting out the pattern, fabric and sewing it only took me an hour and a half. Now that I know the pattern, it will be easy to pop out. The cool thing about this apron is that it is... wait for it...... REVERSIBLE!!!! OH SNAP!!! I did this with with a coffee fabric since the border in my kitchen is a coffee border. I love, love, love this!

  Hmmm... and two become one! Marie, if you are reading this, I have turned your room into my cutting and ironing room! Come visit soon! :)

I don't think you can tell from the pictures, but I used a contrasting fabric on the apron front and the pockets. This is so cute. I can't wait to make another one tomorrow!

Last but not least, I got a wild hair tonight and sewed up a sewing machine cover for my sewing machine. Again this is from stash fabric and took about 15 minutes to make. I didn't have a pattern for this. This is just a rectangle with ribbon. I did a different fabric on each side, so I can switch it up! I found this idea on the Internet.

I have several more sewing ideas up my sleeve! Tomorrow we have a 60  percent chance of rain, so I am sure that I will be sewing again. The Internet is a great place to get free sewing ideas. I have decided that I am going to master a pattern for a Nook. All of my friends have them and it would make a great gift! Also up on the sewing agenda is repairing a second hand Vera Bradley purse and making a spa wrap out of a towel. I can't wait!

My Mama is obsessed. As long as she doesn't start sewing me "outfits" we are good!

I am trying to convince my Mom that after my colonoscopy next Monday in Charleston, I will be good to go to Hancock Fabrics. She doesn't quite believe me! :)

:) JKP

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