Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Want My "I Survived Hurricane Irene 2011" T-Shirt!

Hey Y'all!

Well, Myrtle Beach made it through Irene pretty much unscathed. We do have trees down and minor damage, but my house and neighborhood seem to be fine. The winds got up to about 50 mph last night and Pitty Pat got a wee bit scared, but we are fine. It is still windy here right now. Every few minutes or so after the clouds part, we can even see the pretty blue sky. Horry County officials have asked folks to stay off of the roads until noon just so the cleanup that needs to happen can. It looks like after 12 everything will be back to normal. I am even going to run some errands. Especially after I discovered that I have 12 library books overdue! I don't know how that happened, but I can tell you this whole debit card stolen debacle has really taken over my week. I plan on hanging out at Barnes and Noble this afternoon to catch up on my crafty magazines and have a small treat of a Starbuck's Iced Coffee. After this week, I think I need at least 1 treat!

AND.... don't forget! The Pioneer Woman's cooking show debuts on The Food Network at 11:30 eastern!!!!!!! She is making chicken fried steak. Hmm... that may show up on the blog soon!!! Set your DVR's or watch it!!! She is hysterical!

I also have some craftiness to post here on the blog soon! I plan on spending some time with my sewing machine later on this afternoon... after I give Pitty Pat some much deserved attention.

If you are in Irene's path, stay prepared. She wasn't bad, but we only had the outer bands. Stay safe!
:) JKP

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