Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hey Y'all!

Well, as you can guess from my absence, I have gone back to work! But, it really got off with a bang, and not the way I imagined it! Last Wednesday night, I went out to dinner with my best girlfriends from school and we went to see "The Help." All during the day Wednesday, I noticed that one of my teeth in the back of my mouth was feeling funny. It kind of pinched and it felt like something was stuck underneath the actual tooth. After having a wonderful evening with my girls, I came home, flossed my teeth, and went to bed. For all about 30 minutes. I kept attributing my lack of sleep to my nervousness over starting work again the next day. But, I also felt the side of my face and neck swelling and then my tooth began to hurt. THROB. And, it was a long night. I got to school on Thursday (which luckily was a work day) and tried to focus on all that needed to be done in my classroom. I couldn't eat. I couldn't drink. After about two hours of pain, I finally relented and called the dentist. Luckily, they had an opening in the afternoon and could fit me in. I just could not imagine going through another night in this kind of pain!

After reaching my dentist office in tears, they took an xray and a look. The xray showed that there was some inflammation and infection. My gums were extremely swollen and all around the tooth was red. After a debate, my dentist decided to put me on an antibiotic and pain killers to kill the infection. We haven't ruled out a root canal, but after being on the meds for almost 3 days, I am so much better. I can touch my jaw, eat and actually sleep. I am still worn out from feeling so bad, but each day gets a little better!

So, as you can read, I am on the mend! I haven't felt like cooking and eating, which is OK because my freezer is full! I did pull out some recipes last night to cook up in the next few days. Next week is a busy week for me, I have lots of meetings to attend and I get to meet my new students Thursday night at Open House. Pitty Pat has been great through this. I have been sleeping on the sofa because it is easier for me to prop my head up. Mr. P Diddy has been right there beside me the entire time. I also think a little bit of this is seperation anxiety from me being at work!

Anyhoo, I am going to run and fix some supper! I have been trying to catch up on laundry and cleaning today. I also have been busy running errands picking up things I need for school. I am probably going into work for just a bit tomorrow.My room is basically finished, I just have to add some decorative touches. Sometimes, it is easier for me to get things done when I am there by myself.

:) JKP

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