Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now This is A Stimulus Package That I Can Get Behind....

Hey Y'all!

I have some news! Y'all all know about my professed love for Chick Fil A. It is a love that runs long and deep through my heart. I love everything about Chick Fil A.... and I must, must, must always keep a gallon of their sweet tea in my fridge at all times.

Well, the folks at Chick Fil A know that times are tough for a lot of folks. In fact, I myself have cut out my sweet tea's before and after school. I have even cut out my favorite Southwest Chargrilled salad. Because, well, it is just not great economical sense to eat at Chick Fil A as much as I was. Chick Fil A to the rescue! Last night I went through the drive through at the Chick Fil A near my house. They informed me that NEXT WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25th is a special day. Visit any Chick Fil A and buy whatever you want. Save your receipt. THEN IN MARCH... bring your receipt with you when you visit the same Chick Fil A. You get your FOOD FOR FREE ALL MONTH LONG! The only catch is, you have to have your receipt from Feb. 25th and you have to go to the SAME Chick Fil A. Oh My Heavens to Betsy! You better believe that I am going to hit all of the Chick Fil A's around me for breakfast and dinner and a gallon of sweet tea. Your local Chick Fil A should have fliers they are handing out. They are not advertising this.

This is a stimulus package I can get behind. Totally.

Eat more chicken!!!

:) JKP

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