Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Hey Y'all,

Well, from the above picture you can use your inferencing skills to see that

a) as a child I was in serious need of some serious orthodontia

b) my mother was colorblind and liked to dress me in some hideous clothes!

This is a picture of me circa 1982. As if I had to tell you with that heinous coat. I mean, who puts orange, yellow and GREEN together on a coat? And... notice the lovely waist belt that accompanied the coat. So 1979......I swear it was left on the clearance rack back in the 70's and my mom had to buy it in 1982.

Anywhoo... during the day today I got to thinking about how great snow days are. Not like the bad, icy kind they are having in Kentucky right now, but the wondrous snow day that was not predicted, but a complete surprise. I'm from the south, so we don't see many snow days. If we do, the whole state shuts down. I can count on my hand the number of times we have truly had excellent snow days in the south. The ones where you go to bed and wake up the next morning to large amounts of snow. This picture must have been taken when I was in second grade. The next big snow we had was in Myrtle Beach when I was in fourth grade. Then, in my high school years we moved to Columbia. We had several snow days then too. Since 1989 though, I don't think we have had a huge snow in the south. Sure, we have had a few inches, but nothing like the 24 inches we had that year.

For the next few nights, they are predicting flurries around here. No accumulation, just A FLURRY. But still... the hope is there for me..... Just maybe, maybe we could have a SNOW DAY!!!!!

:) JKP

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