Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow Watch.... 2009 Edition

Hey Y'all,

Sorry to take a "mini" vacation from the blog, but this week has literally been HELL. I am so sorry. There is just no other way for me to say it!

It all started on Monday with Mr. Zorro. Zorro is getting older and he has these episodes where he goes blind. Normally they last about 20 minutes and once you give him some protein, he seems to get better and his sight comes back.

Well Monday, we woke up and Zorro had a spell. A BAD ONE. It was so bad, that some how he found his way out of the doggie door while I was in the shower and couldn't get back in. He was banging his head against the house when I found him. So you know me, I can go from calm to hysterical in 1.1 seconds.

In my school district we have an online website where we have to go to find subs. Since it was already 7 o'clock and it was a MONDAY I knew that I would have to go in to school, pray that I could find a sub and take a 1/2 personal day. Luckily the stars were aligned and I found a sub AND I got a vet appointment.

I love my vet, but he is very doom and gloom. One look at Zorro's blood work and they were ready for me to schedule the "special" appointment. I left in tears and hysterical. Zorro's kidney's, pancreas and liver are all shutting down. We have put him on a special diet and are rearranging some of his meds. I am very broken hearted. I don't want Zorro to suffer in anyway, but I am not ready to accept that his time with me is very limited. So, everyday we have left is a gift.

So, yup, it's pretty much been a yucky week.

In much lighter news... if you have been keeping up with the weather you have probably heard rumblings about some kind of winter storm here in the south. They say that points west of Myrtle Beach might get up to 10 inches of snow. They also say that the beach may see some flurries, but nothing like what my friends up in Cola town may see. So we are on Snow Watch 2009. We shall see. I will say, that when it snows at the beach in March.... IT REALLY SNOWS!!

Anyway, I am so glad that tomorrow is March. I am ready to say goodbye to this month. Tomorrow marks 7 years since I have had Zorro. Wow, I can't believe that it has been that long... time has flown by!

:) JKP

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