Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trying Hard to Adjust.....

Hey Y'all!

Well, I went into work today and really got a lot accomplished in my classroom. I had some lesson planning to catch up on, copies to make and notes to send home tomorrow. I am very pleased with how much I got done today. I checked several things off of my "To Do" list, so hopefully this short week will go by quickly!

Next Friday we have an early dismissal, then we have the following Monday off for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. This is the time of year where we really hustle and bustle. Report cards are due next week and we are wrapping up several things for the new nine weeks. Only two nine weeks, or a total of 18 weeks of school are left!

I am having a wee bit of a problem letting go of Christmas though. I miss my trees and the lights! When I packed up my trees the other day  I was so sad. I had to go back out in the garage and bring a small white tree back in the house. This tree is fiber optic and goes well with my white lights that I leave up until the end of February. It has taken me a long time as an adult to like and enjoy Christmas. It is so weird that I am so sad that it is over this year. Oh well. I figure my little white tree isn't hurting anyone. And if it makes me happy and brings some light into these dark and cold days, then so be it! :)

And, yes, that is Joe Pesci on my TV. When I took this picture, Home Alone was playing on TV!

One other thing I did today was sign up for a knitting class! I am so excited. This is a hat knitting class. I can knits hats and very well! However, this is for color knitting in a hat.  In this class you learn how to do a "jog" or change colors without it showing in your hat. Sometimes when you knit with stripes in a hat, where you change stripes can show and throw off your striping pattern. I have read about this technique on the internet and I can't wait to learn it! I am taking the class on Saturday, January 21st!

Well, it is bitter, bitter, bitter, cold tonight. I am going to put on my jammies and get into bed with Pitty Pat. It is funny, when I let him out in the backyard, he keeps sniffing the ground. Is he looking for snow? We have been reassured that by the weekend our 70 degree temps will be back. Good thing, because I don't like this very cold weather!

:) JKP

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