Friday, January 27, 2012

Hal's My New Pal

Hey Y'all!

Well, this morning I received a new pal. His name is Hal the Heart Monitor.

I checked in with my regular doc on Tuesday. My bloodwork looks fine, so they want me to wear a heart monitor for the next 21 days so they can track what is going on with these palpitations. It makes a beep when it is recording an event. So far this afternoon has been very quiet! I went to Zumba last night. I was expecting a long night of palpitations, but last night was uneventful. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight and when I go back to Zumba. I have mainly been hanging around the house today knitting. My appointment was at 10 this morning and they had to get prior approval for my heart monitor. So I ended up leaving the cardiologists office at about noon. I ran some quick errands, picked up lunch from Chic fil A and I have been hanging out reading and knitting on the couch ever since. :) I plan on going to Zumba tomorrow, so we will see how many "events" I have.

Last Saturday, I took a Jogless Jog Hat class at The Knit and Purl. This is my finished hat! I had a few moments today to finally finish the last inch and to tie on the ribbon. I just love it! And now I can knit stripes and they will look even!

I have to tell you, even though I had an appointment this morning, it has been nice to be at home taking it easy. This has been one STRESSFUL week. No wonder I am wearing a heart monitor!

Well, Pitty Pat needs a walk!
:) JKP

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