Friday, December 26, 2008

Best Present EVER!

Hey Y'all!

I hope that each and every one of you had a great and Merry Christmas! I meant to post Christmas Eve, and I had a yummy recipe, but time just got away from me! I promise I will post the recipe later on though!

This Christmas, the fam and I didn't exchange gifts. Normally we draw names, etc. But, with the shape of the economy and the uncertainty of it all, we decided to forgo the gifts this year and just have a huge meal and be thankful for every one's company. We went ahead with the annual Thomy Ornament Exchange, but even that was subdued this year. However, Zoe and Zorro still managed to do some shopping behind our backs! I knew I shouldn't have shown Zorro and Zoe how to shop online! Here's Zorro below getting in on some Christmas fun!

A few months ago, you may remember the post where I wrote about almost electrocuting myself. It turns out, my favorite bracelet was the culprit of my almost electrocution in front of my kids at school. Here is a picture of the bracelet after it's unfortunate contact with an electrical current.

Well, I was really devastated to loose this piece of jewelry. I don't own alot of jewelry, so the few pieces I have, I wear alot. This bracelet is my absolute favorite and I have worn it daily for 7 years. It was a gift to myself and it is actually like a limb on my body. Since it's unfortunate demise, I have felt very undressed with out it. Nothing I wore even came close to replacing it. I visited Handpicked, where I originally bought the bracelet for a replacement, but they no longer made the bracelet or the medallion that was melted. So I have been pretty bummed about it.

Enter the elves, Zoe and Zorro. Look what they gave me for Christmas! No, it's not a Mini Cooper, it's better!

A new medallion! I actually cried! I can not tell you how happy I am to have my bracelet back! I went into Handpicked today, where the nice ladies fixed my bracelet for me. Now it is as good as new!

That is the best present I could have asked for! Zoe and Zorro got an extra treat for that!

I have been spending my break catching up on movies and reading. Yesterday, we tried to have our annual trip out to the movies on Christmas, but like us, a lot of folks had the same idea. We wanted to see Marley and Me, but it was sold out when we got to the theatre. So, today we went to the first showing and it was a lot less crowded. The movie is great and any animal lover will just love it. It does kind of tug at the heart strings if you have an older dog like me, so take lots of tissues. Even the elderly gentleman sitting beside me in the theatre was having an UGLY cry. So be forewarned!

And last but not least... here's a pic of the doggies and me... sleeping off our Christmas fun!

I am off to watch some movies, cuddle with the Z-man and chill!

:) JKP

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