Monday, December 22, 2008

What Ever Happened to Global Warming?

Hey Y'all,

As I am typing, my fingers are literally frozen. I just took the Z-man for a walk, and it may be a while before I recover. IT IS COLD OUTSIDE! I mean, if it is going to be this cold outside... it could at least snow! Heavens! Never fear, it is supposed to be back in the 70's by Christmas Day. It wouldn't be Christmas in Myrtle Beach unless I could wear my Christmas flip flops.

Today I woke up and forgot that I was on Winter Break. It may have something to do with the horrible nightmare I had last night about having to go to school on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. I guess I was really tired last night! I finally got out of the WARM bed, with, ahem, Zorro's urging! I ate my Cheerios and watched the Today show. I ran a few errands.. to the library and to the dump and then came back to the house. Mom and Granny swung by and I went with them to Costco to prepare for The Thomy Christmas Feast. Not to be confused with The Annual Thomy Ornament Exchange. Although, they do take place on the same night! We actually hit Costco at lunchtime which was genius. They have great food giveaways during that time of day. I got to sample some tasty snacks. I also picked up some yummy bruschetta. Yum, Yum! After our trip to Costco, we hit P.F. Changs for lunch. I am still full from that! We actually had dessert, The Great Wall of Chocolate. Oh my. So yummy! I may not eat for a few days now....

This afternoon I tried to take a nap, but I think I have a migraine brewing. I can always tell. I get really sleepy, but can't sleep. I also get dizzy and I have a hard time seeing. So I think I have one about to hit. Uggh. Oh well. Usually I only get migraine's when I have been somewhere loud, like a concert or a bar. I guess Costco just did me in today!

I also swung by the Redbox today and picked out some movies to chill and watch. I haven't made it to the theatre alot this year, so I have a lot of catching up to do. On the menu for DVD watching are Wanted, Traitor, The Perfect Holiday, and The Women. I am getting ready to take a hot bath, put on my jammies and take a migraine pill. Hopefully that will ward it off!


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