Thursday, December 18, 2008

Counting Down the Days...

Hey Y'all!

Hee, I am at school right now. My kiddies are watching The Polar Express, so I thought I would take a minute and update the blog! It has been busy, busy around these parts! Besides trying to survive the last week of school before winter break, Zoe and Zorro have been keeping me on my toes! Zoe was evicted on Monday! She got a wild hair and ran away Sunday night. It took me forever to find her! I think because Mom visited with her on Saturday and Sunday she was homesick. Also, I made the discovery that Zoe has been eating Zorro's breakfast! We kept wondering why her tummy was getting so big and why Zorro was begging to be fed at 4:00! Well, I caught her in the act Monday morning. After those incidents, I thought it was best if I took her back to Mom's for a while! Besides, I think she really missed her house and being an "only dog!"

This weekend Zorro is going to be spending time at Mom's... I'm taking a road trip to Cola town! I can't wait to see my buddies and do a little shopping. I am really looking forward to this trip! Tomorrow we have a half day of school, we get out at 12. So after that, I am hitting the road! My buddies in Cola have a full day of school tomorrow, so I will be arriving just as they are getting out of school.

Today is jammie day at school, so we are all in our jammies. I, of course, have on penguin ones... after all, our class mascot is a penguin! We have enjoyed our day of hot cocoa, movies and this afternoon we are having a yummy pizza party for our Christmas party.

Well, let me run... The Polar Express is coming to an end! We are off to make chinese fortune tellers!
:) JKP

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