Monday, April 6, 2009

On the First Day of Spring Break My True Love Gave to Me.... an Oil Change and a Mop

Hey Y'all,

Well, I never thought it would get here, but I am officially on Spring Break!! Whoo, hoo! Holla!
Friday, I kicked off the break by getting my hair cut and running some errands. Saturday was more errands, and yesterday I went to the Coastal vs. Gardner Webb baseball game to see my friends Johnny and Marie. Johnny and Marie's son pitches for Gardner Webb. It was great to see them and catch up on all of the Lexington news!

Today I took Mr. Caesar the CRV in for an oil change and a tire rotation. Turns out, Caesar needed front brakes too! Luckily, we received bonus checks last week for our school doing so well in testing last year, so my bonus check went to Mr. Caesar. I glady spent the money! I only have 1 more car payment and Caesar the CRV is paid for. He has 87,000 miles on him and as far as a Honda is concerned, he is just cutting his teeth. He will need some new tires by June, so my first non car payment is going to go for new tires. I gotta keep my baby running!

My other baby had a rough day yesterday. When I left Zorro around 1, he was fine. But, when I returned home after the baseball game about 5, he was having one of his spells where he couldn't see. This lasted most of the night and his sight finally came back about 9 or so. He has also been breathing very heavily. I turned the air on today and that has seemed to help him. He is still eating and drinking, and using his doggie door. Zoe is here with us today to hang out. He seems to do a little better when he has Zoe to pick on and torture.

I also went out and bought some spring cleaning supplies today. I have been looking for my mop, which I just assumed was somewhere in my garage. But, lo and behold, my mop is amiss. So I had to run out and buy a new one today! I am going to take a lazy afternoon nap with the furballs and then do some spring cleaning. Sometime this week, I need to switch out my closet. But seeing as tomorrows high here is 57 degrees, I am in no hurry!

:) JKP

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