Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On the Second, Third and Fourth Days of Spring Break My True Love Gave to Me...a Worksite, Knitting and a Robbery!

Hey Y'all,

Well, here at Chez Barks a lot... we have been quite busy enjoying our spring break! Daily naps are a must and of course, Zorro and Zoe have what I like to call "on demand" services right now. We have on demand walking, snacking and playing. Just the way they like it!

However, strange occurrences have been happening. Check out what we woke up to on Tuesday after our daily nap.

Orange cones at the end of one's driveway never signal something good. Also, when someone is walking around your yard with a metal detector, that's never a good sign either. Unless he is Captain Jack Sparrow... but even then, I don't think that would be good either!

Then, as I looked over, I saw the HTC guys digging up our road. With a bulldozer. Apparently they were trying to fix some lines or SOMETHING. Wow. The things you miss while you are at work. I would have just assumed we had another pothole in the road and never suspected a bulldozer had visited the 'hood! Luckily, they fixed what they needed too, and it didn't involve digging up MY yard, just my neighbors.

And of course, with this time off, there has been some stuff growing off my of needles. I am not going to tell you what seems to be growing at an alarming rate, you will just have to wait and see!However, this will be a great piece for me to take with me for those chilly Lake Tahoe evenings!

Yesterday, the doggies and I spent the day spring cleaning. And do I mean cleaning. My floors now shine, and everything is put in its place. I don't know how long this will last, but I can say that my house is officially ready for spring!

To reward myself for all of the hard work yesterday, I decided to take a little road trip to Florence today. Florence is about an hour from Myrtle Beach and they have some craft and fabric stores that we don't have here. I didn't stay long and only visited a few stores. I had to get home in time for said daily afternoon spring break nap or risk the wrath of the fur. Anyhoo.... I decided to swing by Hobby Lobby to see what they had on clearance yarn wise. I have a ton of baby gifts to make and I always like to see different options. Well. As I arrived at the Hobby Lobby there was all kind of commotion. Lots of Po Po and Crime Investigation Units. At the Hobby Lobby! So me being me... I asked an officer what was going on and if it was safe to go in. Apparently some crazy person robbed the Hobby Lobby. I don't mean pointed a gun at a cashier, I mean tied up the manager in the back and robbed the safe. Good gracious! Not that I condone robbery or stealing in ANY WAY, but come on. If you are going to commit ARMED ROBBERY and you are going to have to do the time anyway... why in the HELL would you pick a HOBBY LOBBY?????? I mean your pay load is not going to be great... What where they thinking... besides the whole stealing thing and committing armed robbery thing.... HOBBY LOBBY? Anyway, the store was open and I felt a little weird, but since the Po Po was everywhere, I decided that I would be safe for a few minutes. According to one of the employees (of course, me being me, I asked!) the store was robbed and NO BODY knew it was being robbed. One of the girls just happened to walk back to the manager's office and found him tied up. Bless his heart! I am sure that this is the most exciting thing the Po Po in Florence County have seen in a while. I plan on checking out News 13 at 5 to see if they have caught this kook.

So, that has been spring break thus far. I am loving my time off and I am so happy that I have Monday off too. I just keep telling myself.... 6 more weeks and then I will really have some time off! Zorro really likes having me home, he has been doing OK over the past few days. Let me run... I am getting asked for an on demand service as I type....

"Give me a bone now or I break the pointy knitty sticks......."

:) JKP

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