Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hey Y'all,

Well, I have finally succumbed. I am now Twittering. I made my first "tweet" yesterday. It actually became a necessity and now I think I have a new techie addiction! :)
I have arranged it that my Twitter feed posts here on the blog and on my Facebook status. Yippee for technology that co-ordinates itself! I just send one little text message from my phone and the little technology monkeys do their thing. Follow me @justjuliaknits or click the "follow me" link underneath my Twitter status on the side bar.
Anywhoo, with Grandaddy being in the hospital and so many folks that need to be in the know, I thought that Twitter would be excellent. I thought I was going to be in Sumter all weekend, but it turned out I only went for the day today. I didn't want to stress out Zorro with staying at Granny's and he was fine hanging out here by himself. Grandaddy had a really rough day today and was struggling to breathe. He is still in a large amount of pain. Hopefully, surgery will be Monday. He has to have it. But, even as sick as he was, he still told me how pretty I looked in my pink today. So, he's fighting hard!
I also got to have lunch with my Granny today. We took a break from the hospital and went and had some lunch at Baker's Sweets in Sumter. Y'all. Oh. My. Yummy. In. My. Tummy! My tummy has been giving me a fit lately, and this was very good for calming it down! I had the Tuscan Chicken Wrap with Pasta Salad. Then, I had a Milky Way coffee on the way out. Talk about harmony in the tummy. I so have a new place to eat at when I am in Sumter!
Well let me run, I have to have a Come to Jesus Meeting with my washer. More about that in another post!
:) JKP

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