Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Currently for June

Hey Y'all!

It's the first day of summer vacay and I stayed in my PJ's until 11:30! Even if I was cleaning house, I was still in my jammies! It has also been a rainy, rainy day, so it was hard to get out of my jammies!

My best friend Marie is on her way into town. We are planning dinner in Calabash tonight and then our annual walk around Callahan's of Calabash!

Last but not least, I present you with this month's Currently! If you want your own... visit Farley's site! I now have a link to her page on the right side of the blog!
The last 3 words had to do with where do you wish you could to travel to this year, where have you been this year and where do you want to travel to this year. Here's mine! Enjoy!!

:) JKP

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