Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Summer!

Hey Y'all!

Did you notice I took a little vacay from the blog during the month of May? Well. I'm BAACCKKK! And, it's SUMMER!

I am not going to lie, this last bought of vertigo has really taken a toll on me. It was all I could do to make it through the school day, get ready for the next day, and then get myself home. Our last day with kiddies was Friday and I have a workday on Monday. I am hoping a few days of rest, sun and fun and I will be back, good as new. I haven't been able to go to Zumba all month because I still can't look up or down without getting very dizzy. So I am hoping that I can go back after I have gotten some rest!

I can't believe that on Friday, I wrapped up year 15 of teaching for me. I did shed a few tears as my babies left for summer. But, they totally spoiled me before they left! Here are a few of my end of the year gifts.

I LOVE Tervis Tumblers and received a few as gifts! I take my coffee in one every morning. Then, I rinse it out and add water! I received some beautiful "P" notecards and a very pretty bracelet. I also got some smell goods that I have been putting on myself everytime I go into Bath and Body Works! Malibu Heat is beach in a bottle. I swear! I also was given a beautiful Mandevella flowering plant by one of my students. I have the perfect place to plant it so it can grow!

On top of the end of school and vertigo, I have had a knitting project that I had to finish for a friend. While this was an ok knit, I have decided not to do anymore knits for folks that make me have a deadline. I actually lost my knitting mojo a bit while I was working on this project. I don't know if it was the blanket (not my favorite things to make) or the fact that this project kept me away from doing SO many other things that I love because it was time consuming and I HAD to get it done.  I was just glad to finish this up. From now on, I am sticking to baby hats for gifts. NO MORE BLANKETS. Here's a finished picture....

This was a simple dishcloth pattern baby blanket and paper bag pattern hat. It turned out great but, blankets are no longer my cup of tea!

Today, I had my first summer adventure! My Mom bought an ipad last Monday and I am getting one through my school district in the fall. I know. YIPPEE! So I drove to Charleston to meet Mom and Aunt Gwen at the Apple store on King Street. We took a basic ipad class today. It was really fun to be in a real Apple store. We do not have one here in Myrtle Beach. We learned a few tricks and tips and then had a yummy lunch right across the street from Apple. We walked around a bit and even wandered into Knit. Since I am still leary from my last LONG knitting project, I really wasn't in the mood to buy ANY yarn. But I did find somehthing to get the yarny knitty juices going again. This is a SIMPLE project and it's for me! I will show you what it becomes in a while. I am not planning on picking up the needles again for a few days. I also picked up some Soak to clean some of my knits with.

My best friend Marie is coming to visit me on Tuesday and we have some touristy adventures cooked up. I am so looking forward to hitting the beach with a good book, decaf sweet tea and soaking up some sun!

I hope you are having a nice weekend wherever you are!

:) JKP

p.s. You need to "LIKE" Bath and Body Works on Facebook. They are running a month long countdown to summer on their page. Each day they have a new treat. Sometimes it is a coupon. They put up an American Summer playlist on Spotify last week and it is DIVINE! I can't stop listening to it! :)

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