Saturday, June 9, 2012

Storm Fest 2012!

Hey Y'all!

I can tell I am on summer break! Not only has the African Sleeping Sickness hit me (where I want to sleep ALL the time to catch up on all of the missed sleep during school) but, I am also forgetting what day of the week it is! I have had to set two alarms on my phone so I will remember to go to my graduate class on Monday! :)

Today I went to something fun! All of the local TV stations, along with the National Weather Service and South Carolina Emergency Management Division hosted a Storm Fest! You know me, I HAD to attend! I am very glad I did. I picked up several things for my classroom and personal weather use. :) I even scored a free t-shirt from one of our local TV stations.

Here's my SWAG.....

I also picked up a cute craft idea to help my kiddies remember the water cycle... a water cycle bracelet! I have to admit, I haven't taken mine off yet! :) It starts with a green bead to remind the children of the grass and plants. The next bead is yellow for the sun. The white bead is for the clouds. The blue bead is for the water in the lakes, ponds and oceans. The last bead is clear to help the children remember the concept of evaporation and condensation! So cute!

I came home from Storm Fest and took a three hour nap! Then I proceeded to clean my house and catch up on laundry. I have taken a peek at my syllabus for my class that starts next week, and I have SEVEN projects due. Good grief. So I figured I better get caught up on house work and laundry!

Tomorrow I plan on going to church and then, where else.... THE BEACH!
I have found a wonderful "new to me author" Karen White and I just can't put down her books. I love her books because they all take place on the coast of South Carolina. Check her out, you will really enjoy her books! I started with On Folly Beach and now I am on to The Beach Trees. She also has a set of books that are mysteries and take place in Charleston.

Alrighty. I have one more load to go into the dryer... and then I am calling it a night!!!!
:) JKP

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