Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer 2012 Favorite Things!

Hey Y'all!

Well. I had my first class Monday night, and let's just say that it is kicking my HINEY!!!! I have 7 papers due on Sunday at midnight. As of today, I have 5 out of 7 papers finished. Four of which I completed yesterday. After that, a reward trip to Bath and Body Works was required! Anyhoo, the class is not hard, just lots of things to do and lots of different due dates, so you have to make sure you are on top of it all the time! I thought about taking a quick road trip this weekend, but I want to work ahead a little so I am not overwhelmed next week.

I am still very happy that it is summer! Since I have been working so hard for the past few days and it has been very cloudy, I am off to spend the day at the beach today. Besides, my wrists are killing me from typing, so I think a day off is exactly what I need. But, before I go, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from this summer. :)

Y'all know I love my iced coffee in the summer. While perusing the dairy aisle the other day I came across a magnificent invention. Iced Coffee. Already made. :) It comes in mocha and vanilla flavors. So far, mocha is my favorite! AND, this watermelon juice from Minute Maid is my all time favorite. Yes, it's probably LOADED with sugar, but it is yummy and caffeine free. Whoop, whoop! The watermelon juice is hard to find, and I have to buy several when I go to the store because it is so hard to keep in stock. Apparently, I am not the only fan! I found both at the Evil Empire. (AKA Wally World.)

Another thing that I am a big fan of that I discovered this summer is SPOTIFY! This is an online music service where you can listen to playlists that others have created and you can create too! I found this from Bath and Body Works online. They have a great American Summer playlist! If you look on the left side of the blog, I have linked to a Strawberry Lemonade Summer 2012 playlist that I created. The basic Spotifiy service is free and it has great playlists!

My other summer favorite has been a favorite for a few months. After reading on several blogs about Birchbox, I decided to check it out. Birchbox is a beauty sample box that is delivered monthly to your door for $10. You get 5 samples of the most current beauty must haves. And, let's face it, you can drop $10 on gum and Kleenex. :) I have received two boxes so far and I have loved everything in them! Each box has a theme. The first box I received was a "Gossip Girl" theme based on the show.
Your box comes beautifully packaged. It's such a treat to get each month!

In my first box I got a fabulous moisturizer, great hair care samples, an awesome coral nail polish, and a fantastic lotion.

I received my second box on Monday. This month's theme was Jet Set. So all of the samples are something you can take with you on a trip!

This month I got a wonderful lip tint, that I can't STOP wearing, and Staniac cheek and lip stain, a fantastic hair concoction, a precious zippy bag for traveling and some acetone free nail polish remover pads!

So, if you have been wondering about Birchbox, give it a try. You can cancel at anytime. It's just a nice treat to get for yourself!

Finally, this is not a favorite summer thing, but this is such a good deal, I just had to share!

 About a month ago I was with my Mom in Big Lots in Sumter, SC. We were visiting my grandparents and my Mom kept telling me how Big Lots had Philosophy cosmetics for $3.00. So we went and checked it out. I am a FORMER philosophy girl. They have changed to a new formula for their makeup and with the expense, I just wasn't happy. But, for $3, I found myself very happy!

Most of the makeup was from the Grace line, which I just love. I got blushes, eye shadow, illuminators, bronzers and lip gloss too. For a grand total of $37, I got $298 worth of Philosophy products. Yup. And. My makeup drawer got a good cleaning out!

So those are a few of my favorite things and deals that I have gotten this summer. I am off to enjoy a few hours at the beach! I hope you have a good day!


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