Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hey Y'all,

Well, I took a few days off from the blog, because well, I had to go back to work! I went into school Wednesday (the rainiest day of the year, by the way) and got all of my classroom furniture moved. Thursday was our official start day for teachers. We had a brief faculty meeting and then we were given the rest of Thursday and Friday to work in our rooms. My room is ready for Open House on Thursday! Mom went out to school with me today to hang my new flag holder (outside of my portable) so I can hang my penguin flag for open house. She also helped me get my bookcase in working order again! So my classroom is done! Next week I will be in meetings for the majority of the week, so it is a relief to get my classroom finished early. Also, last year I started out in 1st grade and then moved to 3rd grade 3 weeks into the year, so it was nice to be able to "really" set up my room this year! I will be moving this year into a new classroom, more likely in November when our new wing is done. I walked through the new wing today and our classrooms are going to be HUGE! So while moving will be a pain, it will be nice to no longer feel like I work on Little House on the Prairie!

I also did some back to school shopping today for clothes. All of my pants are hanging off of me, so I had to hit some sale racks! I am actually into a size 6! Holy Crap! I haven't been dieting as most of you know, my stomach has just been giving me a fit since November. The funny thing is, the doc started me on some antibiotics for my spider bite on my leg, and lo and behold my stomach began to behave again! I can eat a little bit more and not feel as full or have pain like I was. Keep your fingers crossed! I would be so mad if all it took was an antibiotic to fix my tummy!

My spider bite on my leg is FINALLY getting better. Since I stayed off of it today the swelling has really gone down and it doesn't seem quite as inflamed. Last night Zorro helped me keep warm compresses on it every 20 minutes. He liked that job! The bite is still big, red, ugly and drawing stares from strangers.....but I am finally feeling some relief. I can actually rub my calf and it doesn't contract. That's a big plus!

Well, we are about to get a thunderstorm, so I am going to sign off for now.
:) JKP

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