Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh No She Didn't.........

Hey Y'all!

It is so hot here today that I bet I could fry an egg on my driveway. The sad thing is, it is cooler than yesterday when all of the bank marquees were screaming 104!!! We are headed for a cool down tonight and it can't get here soon enough. Zorro just pokes his head out of the doggie door and refuses to go any further!

Today I spent the morning playing around on Facebook, my new obsession. I have gotten in touch with folks that I haven't seen in 18 years! It's a hoot and a lot of fun. It is also neat to see that many of the folks that I knew when we were kids have kids of their own now! I tell you, the Internets make the world a very small place! I also ran some errands and had to run to the teacher store. Can you believe that I actually forgot to buy name tags for my desks? My poor children! Luckily I remembered, or open house on the 21st would not have been fun!

Also, if you know me, I was also checking out the rounds of celebrity gossip happening today. My usual sites include People, TMZ, and NOAA for hurricane activity. (Not that hurricanes are celebrities. Hee, Hee)
Have y'all heard the one about the flight attendant suing Joel Osteen's wife, Victoria? Y'all know who he is.. he is on your TV every Sunday. I have actually watched him a few times and he is very good. He not like most televised preachers, he doesn't beg for your money and he actually makes some good points. For the most part he is very uplifting, and let's face it, in this world you can never get too much of that. ANYWAY. Apparently, Mr. Osteen and his family were on a flight in 2005 going to Colorado and his wife got feisty about a wet stain on her first class seat. She demanded that a flight attendant clean it up. The flight attendant went to get another flight attendant and a scuffle occurred between Mrs. O and the other flight attendant. Apparently Mrs. Osteen thought it was appropriate to head to the cockpit and involve the captain, for some reason, over this. Well, so on and so forth.....there are witnesses, etc all of whom say some sort of altercation did occur. Of course the Osteens voluntarily left the flight and Mrs. O paid her $3,000 fine to the FAA. Keep in mind, that the flight was delayed over 2 hours because of this nonsense. Well, in our society, of course, someone is going to sue. The "allegedly injured" flight attendant is suing for 10% of the Osteen's net worth. And get this, this is what just slays me... she says she "lost her faith and suffers from hemorrhoids" due to the altercation. Dear God in Heaven. Why would you admit in public and to the press that you have hemorrhoids? I don't doubt for one minute that Mrs. O was probably having a bad day and got a little too high and mighty, as some folks are apt to do. She could have just pulled out a Kleenex or Clorox wipe and ended the whole situation. Flight Attendants have enough on their minds and they are not maids. I know I personally could not deliver drinks and peanuts while on a plane. I do not envy their jobs at all. And as a side note, I would love to see Mrs. O fly coach. Some of those stains on the coach seats are SCARY NASTY! Whoops... I got off track. Anyway. I think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion and it is wasting lots of tax dollars. I actually felt sorry for the injured party until I heard about her unfortunate issues that should never be shared in mixed company. So, I think this is definitely a shake down and I hope that the jury sees this. I also think we can learn two things from this waste of money lawsuit...

1) You should always carry Clorox wipes with you. That way you can wipe up any messes and not get involved in lawsuits.
2) You should never admit in public that you have hemorrhoids. That is not appropriate polite conversation. EVER!

That's just my take on things!
:) JKP

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