Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Quite Literally Had My Head Examined Today....

Hi Y'all!

Well, today I had my head examined. Hee, Hee. No, I didn't loose my marbles...not yet anyway. Check back with me next week after I have returned to work for that to happen! No, I went and checked in with my family doc today. She agreed that I am having migraines and gave me two prescriptions to help next time one starts. One to help stop the migraine and one to stop the pain. So hopefully no more ER visits for me in the near future. She also mentioned that if this continues, I have to go see the neuro doc so we can figure out what is going on. I have had several headaches this summer, with last Saturday being the worst. I really hope that this isn't a pattern.

In other news, I am getting ready for school. I actually braved wally world today and picked up the supplies I need for the year. I actually had to give the cashier who was ringing me up a multiplication lesson. She tried to charge me for buying 132 folders, when I only bought 92. Someone needed a multiplication re-fresher. And my theory about stuff being marked up for the tax-free holiday was right on. Today I spent $35.00 and all of the stuff I bought was UNDER a dollar. Well, except for the People magazine.. but that couldn't be helped. You think you are saving by not paying tax... but you really aren't! I gladly paid my $2.76 in tax today.

Oh, as you can see below I have been having some fun on the Internets. I found this great site,
PhotoFunia that you can go to and upload a photo. You can then choose a background for your pictures. Look at the fun Zorro had making his pictures......

Hee, Hee.. Zorro had to include Zoe

Zorro succeeds in his World Domination Plot!

Alrighty, off to rest my brain cells for the night!

:) JKP

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