Monday, August 18, 2008

You Got Lucky.....

Hey Y'all....

Sorry, I couldn't resist using a line from one of my favorite Tom Petty songs! I've had my Tom Petty on the Ichabod the i pod a lot the last couple of days... it's great music to listen to when you've got stuff to do! It's also great driving music too! (Yes, I named my i pod. I name everything.) 10 points bonus if you can guess who Ichabod is and where in literature he comes from!

Anyway, I am referring to the luck that Myrtle Beach has had avoiding Tropical Storm Fay. I hope our FLA neighbors hang in there! It never fails that we always end up having a storm right before school starts or the first day of school. When I was little, we never went to school until after Labor Day down here because of the "Labor Day" storms! As I have gotten older, it seems that Florida has been bearing the brunt of these storms.

Today we had an early morning meeting at one of the local high schools for all teachers, and then the rest of the day was a work day. Imagine my horror when I walked in my classroom this morning only to discover that my principal had re-ordered the cleaning company to "re-wax" our classroom floors. I almost hyperventilated on the spot. Everything that I had worked so hard to do over the past few days, was flung in the front of the room. When I left my room on Saturday, kids could have literally walked in the door this morning and I could have taught. I tried not to have a hissy fit. Luckily, some of the other teachers did and our principal ordered the cleaning crew to come back and move our furniture back into the correct spot. Now if you have ever taught in a South Carolina Public School, you know the odds of that happening are NIL! So I decided to do what Scarlett O'Hara would do, and I went to lunch with some friends... determined to tackle the problem later... much later. Well, imagine my surprise when I returned from lunch and the furniture fairies had visited my room. Well, all I have to say is miracles to happen! And boy, am I thankful!

Well, I've got to run.... The Closer is on!!
:) JKP
p.s. To check out a totally awesome video for Tom Petty's Song "You Got Lucky"... visit
You Tube! This video is what MTV used to be all about!!!!

p.s.s. Trivia fact from above.. I named my i pod after Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow. He was the schoolmaster sent to educate the children in the village. Hee! Get it? I am teacher.........

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