Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm On Hold.....

Hey Y'all!

Well, I had grand visions of getting up this morning and going to work in my classroom. Teachers don't "officially" report until Thursday, but we are tied up in meetings and non such, so we don't really have alot of time to work in our rooms. If you remember at the beginning of the summer I had to pack everything up. Well, the time has come to unpack. I thought I would get a head start and go in today, tomorrow and Wednesday, but that's not going to happen! Yesterday our principal informed those of us who are in portables, that we can't get in yet. They haven't cleaned our floors yet. HELLO! They've had the whole summer, but apparently are just getting to it today. Since my portable is the very last one, I am sure that I won't be able to get in until at least Wednesday. So oh well, I have some more summer left!

Today I actually have a list of things to take care of! I have to go back to school clothes shopping. Everything I own is too big. My eating has improved over the summer. I think lack of stress and time to relax has done wonders for me! I am a little scared with school starting again though. Anyway, I can eat more, as in variety, I had a scallop sandwich in Calabash yesterday! But, I still can't eat a lot in one setting. So I am still loosing some weight. So unless I want my pants falling down at open house, I need to hit some clearance racks! :)

I am also going to make a wonderful peach cobbler today. It is one of Paula Deen's recipes that I can't wait to try! Y'all know that I worship at the altar of Paula Deen! I have some fresh peaches and I am going to whip up some fresh cream! I'll take pictures of the final product! YUMMY!!

Last, but not least, I get to make run to the doc today. I woke up a few weeks ago, with what I thought was a skeeter bite on my leg. For my non-suthern' friends that would be a mosquito bite. Anyway, it has kept growing and is warm to the touch. It is also, VERY sore. I showed it to Mom yesterday and she things that it may be a spider bite thing, so I have to get it checked out today. Let me just tell you, after a quick Internet search I'm a little scared. So let's just hope it's not that!

And to the Zorro fans out there... here's some shots of the Z-man from Mom's house yesterday. He has taken a liking to these new chewy treats we have been giving him. He won't part with them and I have to take them away from him when he has chewed them down. He actually barks at me when I have to take them away!

Have a good day!

:) JKP

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