Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hey Y'all,

Sorry I have been AWOL for a few days, but this weekend I had to hunker down and get some work done for some technology training sessions that I am doing this week. Yesterday I had two sessions and they went really well. I only have one this afternoon, my morning session was cancelled. That is fine by me, I needed to sleep late this morning! Tomorrow I have a full day of training, but they are fun sessions, so the day should fly by! I have Friday off, and except for a haircut and going to hear a band Friday night, it is a free day!

I woke up today with the doggies and it is so much cooler! You could see the relief on Zoe and Zorro's faces. It has been so hot that we have only been able to walk in the late evenings and they are not happy.

Book Reads From the Beach Chair
Here's what is being read from the beach chair this week.... I still haven't made it to the beach, hopefully on Saturday!
This is the first John Grisham book I have picked up in a while. Grisham sticks to his formula here. It's another good guy vs. bad guy story, but the interesting thing is how this one turns out. A spoiler alert: The underdog doesn't always win!
I am reading this (a chapter a day) for my writing class. If you are an elementary teacher you will enjoy this read about getting students comfortable with writing.
This was a chick lit book I picked up at the library. This one was hard to get into for me and seemed to wrap itself up way to nice at the end. If I would have done more research, I probably wouldn't have picked it up.
I just started this last night, you now me, anything that has to do with Princess Diana I have to read! So far, so good!
I read about this in a review in People and happen to come across it at the library. This book takes place in Georgia, so you know I would read it! This book is about a teenager who starts a book club to basically read romance novels. So far, so good! It would be great for a book club to read and discuss!
That's about it from here! I am off to jump in the shower and get ready for my training session this afternoon!
:) JKP

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