Tuesday, June 10, 2008


As you can see, it was primary day here in South Carolina! You know me, I LOVE to VOTE! So despite the heat, I made it to the polls. Ok, really.. my polling place is right across the street from my house, so it wasn't like it posed any difficulty! Zorro was enamoured with my sticker that I got for doing my civic duty. :) Here he is doing some advertising for the Palmetto Project!

Zorro and I have really been enjoying my time off this week. I am almost recovered from my African Sleeping Sickness. This is what most teachers get at the end of school every year. I really do sleep for the first 3 days I am out of school! This morning Zorro and I slept until 10, rolled out of bed, watched Regis and Kelly and then took a shower. After that, I took a nap! It has been so hot here, that I have really been hanging around the house. My head is better, the goose egg is going down, but I am still having headaches and the heat seems to make them worse. Tomorrow I am meeting some friends for lunch and then I have to meet my professor for my writing class I am taking in July. We have to give a presentation about a writing strategy that we have used in our classroom and she wants to make sure we are gathering the right "tools." I was all nervous about this, until I learned that our little talk was going to be over frozen mocachillos at Books-A-Million. I think I am really going to LOVE my writing class!

Speaking of which, I have been doing alot of reading with my time off this week. Some of it is for my class and then some of it is for fun. So I present you with something I am going to try and do weekly this summer to share my love of reading. I'm going to call this section "Books from the Beach Chair!" Now this week obviously, was way too hot to read on the beach, but you get the picture! So here's this week's list. And yes, I have read all of these. Mostly since Saturday!

Writing Class Reads:

On Writing by Stephen King.. This book was WONDERFUL! Stephen King talks about how he became a writer, what his process is and he even talks about his painful recovery from being hit by that crazy lunatic!

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.. I have really enjoyed this book as well. It seems to be true that most writers are very interesting characters and good teachers too!

How to Write Your Life Story by Ralph Fletcher.. I seriously love Ralph Fletcher. I use his books in my classroom and I love the way he has written all of his books about writing. He writes for the kid in all of us!

Fun Reads:

Teach With Your Heart by Erin Gruwell...If you have seen the movie The Freedom Writers, then you know who Erin is. She has a wonderful story about how she got her kids to write in her classroom. This book was very moving for me, and I cried in a few places. Even if you are not a teacher, this book will touch you!

Not Quite a Mom by Kirsten Sawyer..I mentioned a book by this author last week, Not Quite a Bride. I enjoyed this book as much as the first one. Fun read and it didn't take a lot of brain power!

Unpredictable by Eileen Cook: I just started this one tonight, but it has my attention after the first chapter. This is a quirky story about a woman who impersonates a psychic to win back her ex... so far seems to be a great summer read!

So that is what is happening here! The doggie door is in and I am working on training Zorro. He has the whole how to come back in from outside figured out, he is just scared to push the door open to go outside. We have made progress over the past few days though. And, if you don't believe me about this being Casa de Snooze these days, check out the pic below!

Cheers and stay cool!


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