Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've Lost My Mojo.....

Hey Y'all,

Well I wrapped up my technology training today and came home and straightened up my house! It so amazing when I have work stuff going on, how I just let everything slide. Mail, email, blogging, housekeeping, etc. And I'm feeling kind of blah. I know that is to be expected with all of the tummy issues that I have been having and not feeling great for a while, but this is different.
Folks, I know something is wrong when I don't want to knit. Or update my ipod. Or read knitting blogs. I can't put my finger on it, other than to say I have lost my mojo. My get up and go. My creative thinking. I am hoping this is a temporary phase and my brain freeze or brain exhaustion goes away soon. I can't spend all summer like this!
Next week I am attending a "teaching" academy think tank thing that my district is having. I went last year and I got alot out of it, but I am not looking forward to sitting for 4 days. Oh well.
My writing class starts July 7th and I am excited about that. I hope that some of my creativity comes back before then, because I am going to need it! I have been so out of it that I haven't even been writing in my Writer's Notebook that I am supposed to be keeping.

Folks, I have to find my mojo! If you see it, please send it my way!
:) JKP

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