Thursday, June 26, 2008

It Really Can't Be That Easy..............

Hey Y'all,

Headache girl here! Well, the painkillers worked for about two hours and then Mr. Headache returned. So, I have still been miserable with the ol' pain in the head. Today was my last day of the teacher academy thingie and I felt so bad that I left at lunch, came home, and snuggled with Zorro in the bed. After about 3 hours of sleeping, I kind of had a thought in my head. Albeit fuzzy, it was there. Many of you know that about two years ago I suffered from debilitating dizzy spells that ultimately spelled the end of my traveling career. These "dizzy" spells were often preceded by horrible migraines. It got me thinking. It got my mom thinking. I ran as fast as I could to my medicine cabinet and found my diuretic pills that they gave me when the dizzies got really bad. HOLY CRAP.. within an hour my head stopped hurting. I wasn't dizzy. I could FUNCTION! So needless to say, something funky is going on, but hey, as long as my head has stopped hurting, and I can take the "magic pills" I am not going to complain! I am not sure why all of this is coming back... but at least I am feeling better. We never really found out why I got the "dizzies" in the first place, but I missed the warning sign this time, mainly the horrible headache. So we shall see.

I have the next 10 days off! Tomorrow I am taking Zoe and Zorro to the doggie spa and running a few errands. Since next week is the 4th, I imagine that we will have lots of beach traffic this weekend, so I want to get home and off the road! I also added some new books to the side bar widget of "Reads From the Beach Chair." I am actually going back and reading some of the classics this summer. It has been fun to read them as an adult! I am hoping to make it to the beach this weekend to get some summer fun reading in.

I have completely caught up on the first season of Army Wives and I am now moving on to Mad Men a show that was on AMC last year. Maybe now that my head is no longer hurting, I can finally get some knitting in while I am catching up! I have been on Ravelry coveting some cute patterns! My fingers are itching for my needles, so that is a good sign! I also brought down my sewing maching tonight to do some sewing over the weekend. It sounds like my mojo and craftiness are back!! Watch out Zoe and Zorro!

Nighty Night!
:) JKP

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