Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome to the New Blog, Day 2!

Hey Y'all!

Well, Happy June! I am so happy that it is finally June, just not the heat that comes with it! Zorro and I slept in today and when I opened the door to let him out the heat just hit us in the face! Zorro looked at me like, "You really want me to go out there?" So that started off the day! I am always a little sad when the summer heat hits, I hate to drink coffee when it is hot! I poured my cup today and sat down at the computer to read some blogs, but I just couldn't do it. So I guess my coffee mornings are on hiatus until September or October.

Today also marks the beginning of hurricane season! It is so sad, I should have been a meteorologist. I love all things meteorological. I am even doing a hurricane unit with my kids right now. They are so into it! Have you heard that our first tropical storm, Arthur, formed over the weekend? I checked my school email a little bit ago and 3 of my students emailed me the co-ordinates of the storm. Don't worry, it's only a depression and it is currently terrorizing the Yucatan Peninsula. There are also two tropical waves to watch right now. One is something that Africa just threw up and the other is near Venezuela. Yes, I have passed on my love for all things meteorological to my students. Have you noticed that meteorological is a hard word to type? Spell Check how I love thee!

I had high hopes of hanging out at the beach today, but it was one of those days when even a beach breeze couldn't have cooled things down. So I stayed in my jammies, watched a few movies and started a new book. I absolutely LOVE anything Chick Lit related. It is like a vacation for my brain! I went to the library last week and stocked up on some good mindless reading. I am reading the cutest book right now. Totally predictable, but totally worth the read. Check out "Not Quite A Bride" by Kirsten Sawyer if you want a bubble bath read. It's very cute. I started it this morning and I am almost done with it! This is apparently a series because the next book is "Not Quite a Mom."

My tummy has been feeling yucky today as well, so I guess that is why I am taking it easy. I just feel really "full" today, although all I have had is a bowl of cereal. I think I may have to see if I can at least eat some crackers in a bit. I am really hoping that once school is out, I will start to feel like myself again.

Alrighty, that's about it for today. I am going to finish reading my book and maybe take a nap. Zorro has been "napping" on the tile today. Bless his heart, he is a furball right now. He goes to the doggie spa on Tuesday for his summer do!

:) JKP

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