Sunday, June 8, 2008

There's a G O O S E E G G on My Head!!!!!!!

Hey Y'all!

Well I went to school yesterday and finished up everything and now I AM FINISHED WITH SCHOOL!!! Let the summer begin! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Oh, and boy did it start with a bang! Beware, this is a total Julia story. Nothing like this every happens to anyone but me!

As usual, when I finally finish up with school for the year, I turn my attention to my much neglected house. Yesterday when I got home I decided to re-arrange my living room and organize a bunch of stuff that really just needed to be organized. I have a ton of books and yarn that just needed to find a new space. So yesterday I am upstairs in my office/craft room/ guest room and I was working in the secret closet. I call this the "secret closet" because inside this closet is a secret door that leads to an upstairs attic. I have also dubbed this my "safe room." Hee, Hee. Anyway, said closet is very high and has shelves for stacking stuff. I was moving stuff around, when all of the sudden I am attacked by a rather large, ceramic pumpkin.

I told you, this is such a Julia story.

This rather heavy and solid pumpkin is what I put on my dinning room table during the fall. It weighs a ton. This thing hit me right on the forehead. I said a few choice words, felt like I was going to pass out and then threw up. YUM-O. Zorro heard me scream and came tearing up the stairs, and since then, hasn't left my side. I have a ginormous goose egg the size of a golf ball on my forehead right now. It is now turning a nasty shade of purple and black. I still have a headache and it REALLY HURTS. The *&%$# pumpkin is going to Goodwill first thing Monday morning! I am going to look so *pretty* for a presentation that I have to give on Tuesday. :)

So, there ended my home improvement for the day! My mom and her friend Tom are coming over today to work on the doggie door so that it seals properly. They are going to also help me finish with the furniture re-arranging I attempted yesterday. I am pulling a few things out of the attic and putting some old things up.

I am also going to try and steer clear of pumpkins falling from the sky!

:) JKP

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