Monday, June 2, 2008


Hey Y'all,

Ok, we are T-minus 4 days of school left and as I type this, I feel like I should be back at school boxing everything up! But, I was so tired this afternoon, I decided that a bubble bath and a nap would be a much better way to spend my time! I will never understand this, but every year we have to box up our entire room and then unpack it in August in warp speed. I have decided that this year, I am not going to stress.. it will get done when it gets done! Besides, my kids are pretty creative, they can help me pack on Thursday and Friday! I may never see half of my stuff again, but right now it may be worth it!

Holla! This week also happens to be teacher appreciation week at school as well. Today one of my munchkins gave me a $40.00 gift certificate to Carrabas! Whooo, hooo! I love those gift certificates! Now I just need one for a Spa Day! Zorro is having his own spa day tomorrow at the doggie spa and I can't wait! I love the way he smells of doggie colonge when he comes home!

Tonight is also my last class of Financial Peace University. In some ways it does seem like it has been 13 weeks and in some ways not. It will be wierd having my Monday nights free again! I will probably take it again in the fall, just because there is no way your brain can absorb all of the information that Dave passes on! Dave is going to be in Charleston on Aug. 23 and I think we are going to try and go. That is the Saturday before school starts, so I may have to change my plans, but I think it would be neat to see him live.

Ok, I am off for my nap with the Z-man... Later Gators!
:) JKP

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