Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hey Y'all,

Well, frankly I have been a bit overwhelmed for the past couple of days. If you have ever been a teacher, you will know what I mean. You have list of about 20 things you have to have done and turned in to the main office BEFORE the end of the school year. Things like report cards, permanent records, updating said records, purchase orders for the next school year, etc. Not to mention having your entire room packed up while you are still trying to teach! Not an easy task!So I have been a wee bit stressed, but hopefully that is coming to an end!!!

I just got back from the local Food Lion where I scored some great boxes to finish up packing, so yippeee!!! So we are now T minus 2 days. And I still have ALOT to do! Our principal decided that if we wanted to we could come in and work on Saturday and then be off for the summer and not have to return on Monday. Right now, I am willing to give up a beach day to get 'er done!!!

I got a very sweet surprise from one of my students today! YUM-O!!!!!!! I have always wanted to have an Edible Arrangement, and today I received one! Isn't this awesome! I am surprised that it made it in one piece from the office! I just tried one of the daisy's (it is pineapple and cantaloupe) and it was yummy! What an awesome idea and a great teacher gift! It really made my day!

Well, I need to take the Z-man for a walk and I am in need of a bubble bath, so I am going to sign off for now. I visited the library today and checked out some more Chick Lit, so I will fill you in on my summer reading tomorrow. That is, if I am not under a mound of boxes in my classroom!

:) JKP

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charles said...

congrats on almost being done. just two more days!

that edible arrangement looks delicious. i've always been curious about them myself.

hopefully kristin and i can make it up to sc sometime this summer so we can go to the beach.